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Alert! STOP high-stakes testing

"it is impossible, unnecessary, and harmful for a small group of individuals to predetermine and impose upon all students the same set of knowledge and skills and expect all students progress at the same pace.."  Yong Zhao   MORE 

Voices surveys over 8,500 students. What we learned:

We surveyed 8500 7th and 11th graders in Pima County-find out how they evaluate their schools and education

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NCLB Bills: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Can't keep the three bills put out in Congress this week on the long-stalled reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act straight?

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A teacher from last year’s Critical Friends program said that one of her students kept bringing his first book back.  She would tell him, “No, this book is for you to keep.”  Finally, the child’s mother came in to return the book.  The teacher explained that the book was her son’s to keep.   A few weeks later, she noticed the little boy pulling the book out of his backpack.  She went over to tell him again the book was his to keep.  He said, “I know and that is why I always keep it close to me.”